Calin Rovinescu, President and CEO of Air Canada

Calin Rovinescu is President and CEO of Air Canada.

Calin was just five years old when his parents fled the Communist regime in Romania and settled in Montreal – an experience that profoundly shaped his identity and values. As you’ll hear, his dedication to the success of his company – and the country – is unshakeable.

I spoke with Calin in April, prior to news of the company’s Air Transat takeover bid. But the deal reflects many of the themes of today’s podcast, including Calin’s approach to leadership, calculated risk, and competition.


Alex Pourbaix: President and CEO of Cenovus Energy

Alex is a veteran of Alberta’s oil and gas industry. He retired in 2017 after almost three decades at TransCanada Corporation, most recently as Chief Operating Officer.  But he couldn’t stay away long. His competitive spirit and strong belief in the energy sector soon brought him back to lead Cenovus.

In this episode, Alex shares his views on family, on leading in tough times, and on the fight to protect Canada’s place in the global energy market.


Marcelo Lu, President, BASF Canada

Marcelo Lu grew up in Brazil, has family roots in China, was educated in the United States and established his career in both Europe and Asia. Today he leads the Canadian operations of BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer. Marcelo brings a truly international perspective to his role as President of BASF Canada, but as you’ll hear he has also developed a strong personal attachment to Canada. And he has some equally strong opinions about our country’s place and potential in the global economy.


Don Lindsay, President and CEO, Teck Resources

Don Lindsay is President and CEO of Teck Resources, Canada’s largest diversified resource company, and a leading producer of copper, zinc, steelmaking coal, and energy.

Mining has traditionally been seen as a tough, gruff and hardnosed industry, but Don himself doesn’t fit any stereotype. In fact, his reputation as one of the most admired CEOs in Canada’s resource sector owes a lot to the care he consistently shows for his family, employees, country, and the global community.


Nicole Verkindt, Founder and CEO, OMX

Nicole Verkindt is the founder of OMX and Startup Canada’s 2017 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.

OMX is a tech startup that helps companies access procurement opportunities and measure their economic impact. Nicole grew up in a family-owned manufacturing business and learned the risks of entrepreneurial life first-hand. She ran her own manufacturing firm before launching OMX at the age of 27.

In this episode, Nicole shares the challenges of attracting top talent; her experience as a female founder; and why she believes technology has the potential to make us all more human.


John Peller, Chairman and CEO, Andrew Peller Limited

John Peller’s grandfather founded the company now known as Andrew Peller Limited in 1961, starting with a modest Okanagan vineyard. Today, the company boasts 12 estate wineries, a range of value wine products, global icewine distribution and more. As leader of a family business thriving well into its third generation, John Peller has deftly navigated a changing industry, business, and family.


Rola Dagher, President, Cisco Systems Canada

Rola Dagher is President of Cisco Canada. Cisco’s Canadian operations are key revenue generators globally and produce some of the company’s greatest innovations. As you’ll hear, Rola overcame a difficult upbringing in war-torn Lebanon – something she credits with much of her tenacity and drive. She also shares the company’s initiatives around mental health and Canada’s North, as well as some valuable tips for aspiring leaders.


The Honourable John Manley

John Manley is Canada’s former Industry Minister, Finance Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister. John recently stepped down after nine years as head of the Business Council of Canada. As you’ll hear, John’s commitment to his family, career, and public service in both politics and business are truly remarkable.